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Doepfer LMK3

Doepfer LMK3

LMK3 is a powerful MIDI master keyboard with 8 split zones, 128 memories and a lot of free programmable controllers ( 2 wheels, 2 sliders, one rotary potentiometer, 2 footcontrol connectors, 2 footswitch connectors, after touch). LMK4+ meets all conditions one would expect from a high-end master keyboard.

The LMK plus series of MIDI Masterkeyboards established in the musician scene during the last few years. All keyboards of the LMK-plus series are equipped with the same high quality 88 keys piano-type keyboard with patented real hammer mechanics (see picture below). This type of hammer mechanics does not compare to low cost hammer mechanics offered by some competitors (not only a simple metal lever beyond each key).

Velocity resolution max. 127 steps resolution, dependig upon selected velocity curve

Adjustable velocity reduction factor for black keys

Monophonic aftertouch (Channel-aftertouch)

2-line, 16-character LC display, adjustable backlight/contrast

operation via 24 buttons grouped in three rows of eight, 8 buttons with LED display

2 wheels: one spring-loaded and one without spring, MIDI functions free assignable

2 sliders (60 mm fader), MIDI functions free assignable

1 rotary control (rotary potentiometer), MIDI function free assignable

1 endless rotary encoder for data input