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Keyboards|Synthesizers|Expanders: arrow Korg Z1 (incl. 2 cards)

Korg Z1 (incl. 2 cards)

MOSS (Multi-Oscillator Synthesis System) tone generation: the result of years of research and development

The oscillator algorithms of the Z1s MOSS tone generator are direct descendants of Korgs now legendary OASYS (Open Architecture Synthesis System) development platform. Its the result of years of development of detailed models and a toolkit approach to synthesis voice design, and it gives the Z1 unsurpassed sonic power.

Thirteen oscillator types for the widest range of sounds The Z1 features a broad range of oscillator algorithms: Standard, Noise, Comb Filter, VPM, Ring Modulation, Cross Modulation, Oscillator Sync and Resonance provide exciting ways of creating synthetic sounds. The Organ, Electric Piano, Bowing, Brass, Reed and Plucked String Models emulate those types of musical instruments with a greater degree of realism and expression than PCM-based instruments can ever provide. This algorithmic diversity gives you a range of sounds that far exceeds other DSP synthesizers.

Since up to two of these 13 oscillators can be combined along with a Sub-oscillator and a Noise Generator you can also create unique, hybrid sounds with "organic" qualities that can be molded in ways that are impossible with any traditional acoustic instrument!

A powerful voice
The dual multi-mode filters feature resonance, low-pass, high-pass and a new band-pass mode that allows four center frequency points to be set simultaneously. This lets you create complex tonalities like those found in the human voice and the body resonances of a violin or guitar.

Dedicated parameter knobs for filter cutoff, resonance, EG intensity and both filter and amp EG are located at the left side of the front panel. They let you control sound in realtime just as on an analog synthesizer. Four LFOs (which can sync to MIDI clock!) plus polyphonic portamento allow for unique synth effects.

Plenty of memory
The Z1 features 256 Programs, and additional Programs can be stored on a PCMCIA Flash memory card. Thirty-two Multi Set-ups are also available, each combining up to six timbres for split or layered sounds and multi-timbral playback.

Realtime controllers/knobs
The Z1 provides all of the traditional controllers like Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels, plus inputs for up to four foot pedals. It also includes dedicated controllers like eight Filter control knobs and four Amp. control knobs, as well as switches for

Hold, Modulation and polyphonic Portamento
To take advantage of the Z1s rich modulation power there are five Performance Editor (PE) knobs which are assignable to numerous parameter modulations with each knob able to control up to four parameters at the same time. Finally, the Z1 premieres Korgs exclusive X/Y Pad which offers the musician ultimate expressive control. It is a four axis "grid" that lets you blend in controller amounts in real time.

High-quality stereo digital multi-effects
The Z1s effects section features superb, digital multi-effects with 15 high-quality insertion effects such as multi-tap delay, overdrive, wah, phaser, flanger, chorus and rotary speaker, plus three stereo master effects: two reverbs and stereo delay. All of these effects include realtime modulation capabilities for maximum expressive control. Finally, 2-band EQ is available per Program to help you shape your final sound as desired.

Polyphonic arpeggiator
The Z1 includes a unique polyphonic arpeggiator which enables easy performance of complex patterns. In addition to the five preset patterns (Up, Down, Random,ALT1 and ALT2), 15 user-programmable arpeggio patterns can be stored in internal memory. Arpeggio performance data can also be transmitted via MIDI to external sound sources, and the Z1s arpeggiator syncs to incoming MIDI clock.Dedicated Gate, Velocity, Resolution and Speed knobs provide excellent realtime control.