Thursday | December 09 2021


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- Audio Recording
- MusicProductions
- Post production
- Compositions and Arrangements
- Sync Audio to Video 
- Sincro audio video
- Remastering and Digital Audio
- Digital Video Service (DVD e Video CD)
- Jingles, Radio  and TV Advertising

After a four-year experience in London in music production, TV ads e discography and more than 17 years in the music industry, two friends decide to join forces having the opportunity to find a building the suits their needs. Q-Room has been born in London and gets soon 'exported' to Italy.

The two musicians that are also very passionate about IT related to music and collectors of any kind of musical equipment, like vintage synths, modular synths, outboard of the 70ies e plug ins decide to convert their dreams to reality. Finally they create their studio without any compromise; nor regarding the equipment they use and nor their environment they are surrounded with. Not a recording studio in a basement anymore, but 14 metres of glass that bring the daylight in all different areas of the studio, giving a breathtaking view on the Dolomites.

Although they are real 'freaks' about their vast instrument collection, they still can combine the rareness of an instrument and perfectly integrate it in their audio/midi system. By using different sound sources (like synths and samplers, both hardware and software), sequencers (midi, audio, analogue, pattern), vocoder and filters of any kind they make sure to please also the most demanding client.